James Brough ([personal profile] magister) wrote2016-12-04 11:13 am

Oh the fragility of the almost human male ego.

Observed on twitter today.

Man with 400,000 followers responds to news that woman was raped during making of film by tweeting that it was a rubbish film anyway.

Woman with fewer than 1% his number of followers quotes his tweet and asks whether that was really the most important point to be made here.

Man with 400,000 followers quotes her tweet, angrily denying that this was in any way what he meant and then blocks her while engaging in conversation with people who agree with him and also men who disagree with him.

You see that Twitter pile up? That's your best argument, that is.
thebirdsonofnoone: (Default)

[personal profile] thebirdsonofnoone 2016-12-14 01:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Delightful that he considered the quality of the film to be more important than the safety of the staff working on it.