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So The Observer has posted a startlingly transphobic and hateful article by Julie Burchill.

As I suspect this has been done as linkbait, here's a link to a pdf of it.


Sadly, it's something you have to read to appreciate the level of vitriol.

Anyway, comments on the article have yet to be opened. If after reading it, you feel like registering your shock that it was seen as worthy of posting, then can I suggest that you send an email to The Observer's reader's editor, Stephen Pritchard, at reader@observer.co.uk. On the other hand, if you want to register your support for Ms Burchill, then please fuck off.

This is what I sent.

Dear Mr Pritchard,

I'd like to complain about the article "Transexuals should cut it out" written by Julie Burchill and published on The Observer website on 13/01/13.

Julie Burchill states that the only experience she has of "the trans lobby" is via criticism of her friends. She also states that she has only recently discovered that, as a born woman, she falls into the social group referred to as "cis", which she decides to see as an insult. "Cis" does not only refer to women who were born female, but rather to any person who chooses to remain in his or her born gender - ie the vast majority of the population. None the less, she chooses to see this as an insult and to use it as an excuse to use a wide variety of offensive terms. The article describes trans women as "dicks in chicks' clothing" , "trannies", "shims", "shemales" "screaming mimis" and "bedwetters in bad wigs". It also compares them to The Black and White Minstrels, suggesting that trans women are an offensive parody of what Ms Burchill describes as "real" and "natural-born women".The idea that trans women are not real women is continued in the phrase "women - real and imagined" before Ms Burchill states what appears to be her true belief, that criticism from trans women is "men telling women not to talk".

I note that the Leveson Report states that "it is clear that there is a marked tendency in a section of the press to fail to treat members of the transgender and intersex communities with sufficient dignity and respect". I would have hoped that these words might have been taken into account before deciding whether to publish this article. I can only assume that either they were not or that treating a vulnerable section of the public with respect is not seen by the editorial team at The Observer to be important. Finally, I would ask - given her self-confessed level of ignorance of trans politics, why was Ms Burchill seen as a fit person to discuss the subject?

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely

James Brough

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Date: 2013-01-15 04:51 am (UTC)
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This is extremely good. Thank you for writing it.


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